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October 17, 2022 3 min read


Why we chose China to make our suits?

Everything you need, in one place.

Put on your suit! They believe that a man only needs a few pieces of clothing in his lifetime. "A nice suit" is almost always at the top of this list, but the reasons for this are virtually never evident.

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The truth is that a suit has hundreds of features that can better reflect your personality and style. Have you ever wondered why, in the TV show "Suits," you immediately recognize Ryan as the leader and Arnold as the understudy? If you understand peak lapels, Milanese buttonholes, side vents, and flapped pockets, you'll grasp what the show's makers are attempting to convey: that a suit can speak volumes about your personality and style in one of the most profound yet subtle ways possible. Continue reading to see why a made, bespoke suit is a must-have when even when its from Hong Kong.

Hong Kong tailoring has a history that dates back more than 100 years, with its origins in Shanghai, China. Shanghai was once regarded as an international center for tailoring talent, with many Chinese tailors learning their trade while traveling overseas from the best Italian, Russian, and British tailors. Many of these skilled Shanghai tailors began migrating to Hong Kong in 1946, following China's Cultural Revolution, in search of better opportunities. Their established international tailoring style, combined with a fully separate Hong Kong style, resulted in a number of unique techniques and styles found nowhere else in the tailoring world. The British colonization of Hong Kong ensured that Hong Kong tailoring remained true tp deep Western traditions of suit-making.

Today, the top tailors in Hong Kong use and follow these distinctive techniques and traditions, which have been passed down from generation to generation, ignoring contemporary technology, which often seeks to save many establishments time and money. Simply put, they believe that the traditional approach is still the best way. If you ever visit a Hong Kong tailor, ask to see the shifus ("masters" in Cantonese) at work so you can witness their spectacular chalk, line, and freehand cuts in action.

One of the most significant barriers to purchasing a tailored suit is the cost. The bespoke tailoring process can be prohibitively expensive because it entails creating a suit from the ground up, with every fabric choice, cut, measurement, and detail taken into account. It usually takes two or more fittings to ensure that your suit is perfectly tailored to your body. The problem is that such perfection usually comes at a high cost - the process can easily cost you more than $6500 USD. Say Whaaaaat???

For a fraction of the price - around $1000 - $2000 USD - you can get a bespoke suit with first-rate service. The majority of reputable Hong Kong tailors come from a long lineage of tradition. The best materials and wool are still used and available in Hong Kong, sourced from the same shops in Milan and London. However, you gotta go there! But you're in luck! While you are here on our blog, we have relationships with top tailors in Hong Kong that can get you your tailored suit at a mere percentage of that cost!

A suit is frequently used to make a visual statement about who you are. Even in Hong Kong, it is recommended that you avoid the "cheap suit zone". These are good guidelines for how much time and money the suit-making process should cost without cutting any significant corners.

Many of the top tailoring shops around the world are measured and inspected by the yardstick of tradition. Hong Kong tailoring straddles the line between craftsmanship and innovation. To break the rules, you must first understand them, and Hong Kong has many tailors prepared to try something new. Do you want patterned lining for the inside of your suit? Or do you want to seem dapper as a magician? Hong Kong tailors are prepared to work with you to get you the suit you really want. But they'll also tell you when to draw the line.

So if you're seeking a one-of-a-kind experience and want to buy a bespoke suit at a reasonable price point, you are at the right place! You can't go wrong with a custom-tailored suit offered for these prices. 

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