Fraud Prevention Policy

ENETrends Fraud Prevention Policy


At ENETrends, we are committed to maintaining the security of our transactions and protecting against fraud. Our fraud prevention policy is designed to safeguard our customers' personal and financial information while ensuring a secure and trustworthy shopping environment. This policy outlines the measures we take to prevent fraudulent activities on our platform.

Verification Measures

To ensure the legitimacy of transactions, ENETrends reserves the right to request additional verification from our customers. This process is part of our effort to prevent unauthorized or fraudulent use of payment methods and to verify the identity of our customers. Verification measures may include, but are not limited to:

  • Photo Verification of Payment Method: Customers may be asked to provide a photograph of the credit card used for the transaction. To protect sensitive information, we require that customers cover the first twelve digits of the card number, leaving only the last four digits visible. The name on the card should be clearly visible.
  • Identification Verification: We may request a form of government-issued identification, such as a driver's license or passport, to verify the identity of the cardholder. This measure is taken to ensure that transactions are authorized and to protect our customers from potential fraud.

Compliance with Privacy Laws

ENETrends operates in compliance with all applicable privacy laws and regulations, including those specific to Florida and Texas. All requests for additional verification are made with the utmost respect for customer privacy. Personal information provided for verification purposes is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, ensuring the protection of our customers' data.

  • Personal information is collected solely for the purpose of fraud prevention and identity verification.
  • All data collected during the verification process is securely stored and accessed only by authorized personnel.
  • Customers' personal and financial information is never shared with third parties without explicit consent, except as required by law.

Customer Cooperation

Customer cooperation with our verification requests is essential for the completion of transactions and the protection of account information. We appreciate our customers' understanding and assistance in these efforts to maintain a secure shopping environment.

Policy Updates

ENETrends reserves the right to update this fraud prevention policy as necessary to respond to new security challenges and comply with legal requirements. Customers will be notified of significant changes to the policy.

Contact Information

For questions or concerns regarding our fraud prevention policy, please contact us at or 1-844-622-2552.