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The Hilarious Guy From Baton Rouge Who Became An Instagram Star


Hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Rue began making a name for himself while attending Louisiana State University which is where he met soon-to-be comedy partner Nicholas Joseph as the two were caught in the school's student union with Nick acting as Dan's hype man and Dan dancing. From there, the duo began posting videos on Instagram which gained them over 1.8 million viewers especially after their video with rapper/producer T-Pain where they meet him in his dressing room and Dan ends up running away with his chain. In their usual videos, Dan is usually silent as he dances and ends up stealing something from whoever or wherever the duo come across on their comedic adventures. In 2018, he and Nick joined the Season 11 cast of Nick Cannon's Wild 'N Out on MTV.


  • He appeared in 8 episodes in Season 11, 12 episodes in Season 12 and 1 episode in Season 13.
  • He used to hang out with Odell Beckham Jr. while he attended Louisiana State University.
  • He has also modeled for Chris Brown's clothing line "Black Pyramid".
  • He also started a GoFundMe page for victims of Hurricane Harvey.
  • He and former cast member Funny Mike are both from Baton Louge, Louisiana.


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