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Finger-Smart Electric Fingerprint Door Handle with Passcode Keypad

Product Description

Our top seller 3 in 1 Smart Lock Door Lock

Keep your home, apartment, office, front door, or bedroom locked with a simple finger. No more fumbling for keys. The Finger-Smart Electric Fingerprint Door Handle will have you entering in no time with a keyless entry-touch ID. Keep that pesky snooper out of your space and keep your private items secure behind the door.


Fingerprint storage capacity: 50 (variations)
Number of unlocking>: 10W (times)
Scan time <: 0.1 (s)
Material: Zinc, Metal, Zinc Alloy
Working temperature: 0.1 (℃)
Specifications: A-stand-alone version, B-pass lock version (with APP),
Style: modern and simple.
Features: Sleek Handle, Passcode, Fingerprint, Smart Lock, and Key Unlock, Easy to Install
Usage for Home, Apartment, Office, Front Door, Bedroom
Color: Black



1. When you're inside the room, how do you lock the door?

When your door closes it automatically locks within seconds. 

2. How can I turn off the door knob sound?

To activate the keypad, simply touch it. Press "333"+"lock" (Purple light flashes), validate an Admin Fingerprint User or Admin Code User (Green light turns on with a lengthy beep), and you're done. To turn off the mode, repeat the previous procedure.

3. How many fingerprints can it store?

Up to 30. The first three users registered are Admin Users (capable of deleting and adding new users), whereas the remainder is "Normal Users".

4. Is it possible to use a passcode without a fingerprint to open the door?

Yes, simply entering a passcode may unlock the door.

5. Are the numerals constantly illuminated?

No. After 5 seconds, the number will automatically go off.

Packing list
Door handle x1

smart lock keyless entry door lock smart door lock

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